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Facts and Figures Unarguable Regarding Homeownership


Just a few “facts & figures” why being a home owner is the right choice. So getting a hard money loan or conventional loan – it all ends with the same result. Homeownership is valuable.


For the past 26 years I’ve been in real estate and lending here in Sonoma County (licensed for entirety of California), home ownership has ebbed and flowed as to it’s apparent value.


However, The KCM Crew has hit the nail on the head again with it’s released quotes from various entities, all about home ownership and its true value.


Whether a hard money loan to purchase your home to then refinance down the road or a bank loan at the outset, it all adds up to actual value.


Don’t hesitate and wait for a better time.  The real estate and lending market are always changing but the one thing that doesn’t change: home ownership values!


Best, Forest – The Guy in the White Hat

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Homeownership: A Few Stats and Quotes

by The KCM Crew on September 29, 2014 in For Buyers


2014 American Express Spending & Saving Tracker

“About two-thirds (65%) of homeowners say they are confident they would get the asking price for their home if they were to put it on the market today (up from 40% in 2010).”

Financial Security Index Survey

“Eighty nine percent of Americans feel that buying a home is an important part of achieving the American Dream.”

“How America Views Homeownership” Survey

“Sixty eight percent of Americans feel that now is a good time to buy a home.”

Housing Confidence Index

“A two-thirds majority of renter households said that owning a home someday is a specific goal that they are determined to reach, or something that they think about a lot.”

Fannie Mae

“Homes have accounted for 23.5% of American’s wealth on average since 1959. That’s nearly double the proportion U.S. households and nonprofits have invested in stocks.”

Wall Street Journal

“A measure of owners’ equity as a share of the value of real-estate holdings hit 53.6% in the second quarter, up from 53.2% in the first quarter and below 50% a year earlier. For most Americans, a home is their biggest asset, so the growing level of home equity suggests improvements in the economy are now reaching more Americans.”